We are reinventing EO’s operations (REO). This includes reviewing and upgrading our various systems, processes and platforms. While many of these changes to our operations, processes and platforms are taking place behind the scenes, they will enhance your EO experience and ensure you get the most value from your membership.

We are upgrading our database, finance, expense management and member support systems, to deliver the best service and experience for our members. Our new database brings together many different regional systems into one secure system, which adheres to global regulations on data security to ensure your personal data and information is kept safe.

We are on track for the majority of our upgrades to be in place by the end of 2022.

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The EO Hub will be a one-stop shop for members to connect, join events, access learning materials and hear stories from EO members around the world.

We are reviewing the overall website design to ensure there is a better and more responsive experience, across all mobile devices. Enhancements and new features will continue to bring you the best possible experience

The transition to our new financial systems will be underway by the end of Q1 of FY21/FY22. These changes will help EO operate smoothly and efficiently

Emails will be the first thing to transition over to Microsoft 365; this will be underway by the end of Q2 of FY21/22. This transition will help EO operate more smoothly and efficiently

It will be easier to get support or flag an issue via the Hub, with a more streamlined support centre. This tool will be expanded to allow you to request changes more smoothly.